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Stormwater BMP

Stormwater BMP Maintenance , Compliance , and Repair

We specialize in a variety of Wet Retention Ponds (wet basin) and Extended Detention Basins (dry basin),
HOS has experienced environmental  professionals who will assure that your BMP complies with the most recent DEQ Standards.

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Communities must manage rainfall that runs off roads, streets and parking lots. This runoff is called stormwater. To manage stormwater, many treatment devices, called BMPs, have been built. These devices include: wet retention ponds, bioretention areas, swales, stormwater wetlands, permeable pavement, rainwater harvesting systems, proprietary devices, and level spreaders.

Before and After 

BMPs must have annual, and sometimes more frequent, inspection and maintenance to perform as intended. Maintenance includes hydrologic and water quality function, landscape functions, and consideration of impacts on human health and safety. Many communities across Virginia are now requiring annual inspection, and if called for, maintenance of BMPs. BMPs are not managed as standard landscape features, as they are water quality treatment devices, and specialized training is needed to perform inspection and maintenance activities.

We offer Annual and Bi Annual maintenance plans to reduce repair costs in the future.